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So, you want to see the goods eh? Below is a list of what we have to offer. If you have any questions, queries or fancy a bit of customisation, then please do not hesitate to contact us.
Per Year

Disk Space – 0.5GB
Monthly Bandwidth – 5GB

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Per Year

Disk Space – 1GB
Monthly Bandwidth – 10GB
Add on Domain – 1

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Per Year

Disk Space – 2GB
Monthly Bandwidth – 20GB
Add on Domain – 2

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Per Year

Disk Space – 5GB
Monthly Bandwidth – 50GB
Add on Domain – 5

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And now would probably come the section where you would expect us to list our optional extras at considerable extra cost. But fear not, we hate extra cost as much as you do and all our packages include the following features:

cPanel – All of our hosting packages are controlled and managed by industry leading cPanel software. Making setting up and configuring your hosting quick and easy.

A free domain name – A website is nothing without a good domain name. You are going to need a domain name and who wants to pay for one of them when we’ll provide one for free…

Offsite Backup – There’s nothing more comforting than knowing what you value is safe and secure. So if you get a bit trigger happy with the delete button and seemingly send all your hard work in to the abyss, then do not worry.

More email addresses than you can shake a stick at. A very big stick. Yep, we’ll give you as many email addresses as you like. And as many mySQL databases as you care for. Oh, and as many FTP accounts as you want. As long as you’ve the disk space and bandwidth for them, they’re yours…

Softaculous – Softaculous allows simple installations of many popular web scripts such as WordPress and PHPBB with a one click.

And finally, some other reasons to like us…

Clear billing – We’ve all been there. It is incredibly infuriating to spend 10 minutes looking at an invoice trying to decipher individual items and work out where your money has gone. How we like to operate is that we send you one easy to read invoice a year and you pay for your webhosting once a year. Simple. Very simple.

Friendly support– When you’re struggling to get things to work or have a questions about how to do something there’s no need to worry. We are here to take the flak and get you back on track again. You can contact us at any time and our friendly (and hopefully knowledgeable!) staff will aim to get everything sorted ASAP.

Easy upgrading at any time – Is your website doing better than you hoped and it now needs that little extra? Taking it to the next level and upgrading your account is simple. There is no need to start up a new account and you can upgrade to the next level by simply paying the price difference between the two. So if you’re paying £25 a year for your Beginner Package and want to move up to the £35 Bronze Package then it’s only going to cost you an extra £10.

14 Day Money back guarantee – We don’t really bet here at However, one bet we’re willing to make is that you’re going to love us. In fact, we’re that confident that if for whatever reason you don’t and you wish to cancel your account within 14 days of purchasing it we’ll give you a full refund.