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Back in 2005, we hit up on an idea. The idea was to make it easy for people to have ‘their’ slice of the web. In a world where complicated quotas, pricing and terms dominate, we knew that web hosting didn’t have to be that way. And from that simple idea, was born – and it was always going to be different.

Technobabble is not welcome here. Who needs phrases like ‘geo-redundant data centres’ when you can simply write that your data is stored in two different locations? We are the hosting company of the average Joe, (or Josephine) with 2.4 children (or even just a dog?).

Simple and clear pricing, data transfer and web space structures is what we are about. Even if you don’t know your PHP from your mySQL, we are here to help and get your online presence established in no time.

You spend hours browsing the internet…
Why not become a part of it?